Martial Art is a discipline which has been practised by our ancestors from centuries. Many ways can allow one to have the right kind of help in the face of an emergency. Many lesser-known martial arts which is still practised today which has a very rich history. Here are some of the oldest Martial Arts in the world which is still practised.


Wrestling is probably one of the oldest combat techniques which can allow one to be combat-ready. There are many interpretations of the wrestling which can easily be dated back to the Circa 2000 BCE. Wrestling can easily be dated back to the early of humanity which can allow one to have the right Egyptian images which can be interpreted as grappling. There are various different forms of wrestling in ancient history, and it is hard to trace to its date of origination.


Boxing is also one sport which has a lot of history developed by early humans. Boxing origins is not exactly known but the earliest depiction of the sports came from Sumerian relief from 3000 BCE. There were also times where it was introduced in the 688 BCE which later developed to be popular in Ancient Greece. As it remains one of the most popular spectators as an essential part of the modern Mixed Martial Arts.

Malla Yudda

Malla Yudda is an ancient art form which originated in South Asia and can be dated back to the 3000 BCE through the folktale of the legendary Malay hero who was known to practice the Malla Yuddha. There are many earliest written records of the Malla Yuddha which has been depicted in the Mahabharatha. Malla Yuddha is divided into four styles and has been named after Hindu gods. Hanumanti which is the concentration of the technical superiority; Jambuvanti which is locking hands and forcing the opponents into submission; Jarasandhi is breaking of the limbs; Bhimaseni which demonstration sheer strength. It is still practised in small communities in South Asia.

Shuai Jiao

Shuai Jiao

Shuai Jiao is considered to be one of the most ancient of China’s Martial Arts. This is one of the first records of its use as it was called the Jiao To at the time. Jiao Ti can be easily dated back to 2697BCE under legendary Yellow Emperor which was Chih Yiu. Jiao Ti will eventually become a combat wrestling system which is called the Jiao Li and was later evolved to help with the war of the Zhou Dynasty. Only the best were trained in this form and is taught in Chinese Police and Military academies which is one exam people need to pass to be considered qualified.